A healthy body and mind will help you become more productive, emotionally balanced, and happier. Mindentify helps you achieve that through meditation, deep breathing, and nature sounds. There are many studies that have demonstrated the effects of meditation, deep breathing, and music on promoting physical and mental health. These are also simple methods, easy to follow instructions from Mindentify, without requiring any additional tools or equipment.

Mindentify delivers meditation exercises in a simple, scientific, and most effective way. You can start with a basic meditation course on the app, and gradually explore other exercises.

Mindentify is an application developed by a Vietnamese team, with the mission of improving people's mental health. Mindentify's content is developed from international scientific research, moderated by experts in the fields of meditation and mindfulness from Harvard University.

In addition, Mindentify allows you to:

  • Evaluate the practice process through the chart of practice time by day and week;
  • Experience a variety of meditation exercises designed for multiple purposes: basic meditation, anxiety-reducing meditation, good sleep meditation, coping with difficulties, etc.
  • Use an intuitive and animated breathing tool. You can schedule a reminder to practice breathing, practice deep breathing according to the illustration on the application.
  • Prepare your mind and body to relax for sleep, through soothing and relaxing nature sounds.

You can refer to the basic meditation courses 1, 2, and 3 on the Mindentify App. These exercises will guide you in posture when practicing meditation. In addition, you can also refer to some meditation methods for beginners on Mindfully's blog.

To achieve the best effect, you should meditate for about 20 minutes a day. However, meditation completely relaxes the mind even if you only spend 5 minutes each practice. If you are too busy, you can take advantage of the time when you first wake up, during your lunch break, or at night before you go to bed. Also, try to choose a fixed time of day to meditate. From there, it will be easier for you to form a meditation habit.