Why should businesses choose

Mindentify for Teams ?

Mindentify is a pioneering technology company that combines brain science, meditation and health music to help increase focus, relax, and get a deep sleep after a long day at work.

Thereby helping employees develop EQ (emotional intelligence), improve mental health and help improve work productivity.

Take care of your employees' mental health today with Mindentify for Teams.

Employees need
more emotional support.

Millions of employees around the world are facing serious mental health problems. This directly affects the quality of work and the revenue of the business. Mindentify is here to help businesses solve this situation in the most effective way.

Lack of motivation to work
and connection

Weak morale and motivation hinder employee performance. It also affects the connection of employees with each other

Bad mood and health

Poor mood and mental health is a challenge, impacting everyone in both work and personal life.

Low productivity and output

Low employee productivity has a negative impact on business profits.


Verified content

Give employees access to apps with a pool of content verified by brain science.

  • Guided meditations, breathing exercises…
  • Content that supports sleep using the MBCT method under the guidance of leading experts.
  • Use AI to create personalized wellness music based on mood, listening time…

Business-specific progress measurement and management toolkit

  • Easily register, manage participating members
  • Visual reports on usage time, engagement level day by day.

Expert support

tô mỹ ngọc

ThS Tô Mỹ Ngọc – Head of Mindfulness at Mindentify
PhD student in Social Work at the University of Denver, USA.
Used to teach at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion of Harvard University, USA (Center for Mindfulness and Compassion)

Practice mindfulness and learn great tips under the direct guidance of an expert.

If you face any difficulties in your mental health journey, contact us, experts will help you.


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Thành viên < 50


( -20% )

Small enterprise

Thành viên 50 – 249


( -45% )

Medium enterprise

Thành viên 250 +.


( -65% )

Large enterprise

Thành viên 1000+


( -85% )

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